The Gluten-Free Challenge

Gluten-free or not gluten-free, that is the question. Recently many people have discovered they have gluten sensitivities and after reading numerous articles about the topic, I’ve decided to take a gluten-free challenge myself. It’s not exactly out of the blue because I have been having some stomach problems lately that may be related to gluten.


I’ve decided to go gluten-free for 2 weeks and then reassess how I’m feeling without wheat in my diet. Yes I do love bread, pasta, etc., but I have found tons of great substitutes for white flour favorites. (No I do not like all the packaged gluten-free snacks that are probably even more unhealthy then things that contain the grain)

Another reason to do the challenge? I’ve read multiple articles that say gluten and flour products are hard to digest and most products containing gluten are super processed anyways.

The bottom line is humans should try to eat the least amount of processed foods possible and stick to whole foods instead. I’ve been trying to up my vegetable intake lately because I know that is what’s best for my body.


I think Scott Jurek is definitely onto something folks. (Except I can’t be vegan and compete at a high level, it is virtual impossible for my body type)

Want to join my challenge but don’t know what foods to eat? Here is a list of the carbs I have been eating to fuel my training:


-Sweet Potatoes

-Gluten-free oats

-Rice and corn tortillas (I’m not a huge fan of rice bread though)

IMG_1869    This is a wrap I made with a brown rice tortilla, hummus, turkey, cheddar, and spinach

-Brown rice

-Fruits and vegetables (bananas are great for carbs!)

-Gluten-free granola (KIND makes a good one that’s low in sugar)

-Rice cakes


There are other options, but these are just the things I have been enjoying at the moment!

If you have any suggestions for me or are gluten-free yourself, comment below! I’d loved to hear how your life changed after you made the switch. 

Jenny 🙂


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