Runner Girl’s Guide to Staying Motivation

Most of us runners have no problem setting goals for ourselves or dreaming of becoming speed demons. I don’t know about you, but when I watch fast runners racing, it always entices me to become better and to push harder in workouts. I gain motivation from those who are better than me, but sometimes I can get distracted from my goals.

It’s natural for humans to lose motivation at times – I mean who can be on their A game 24/7?! (Okay well it seems to me Usain Bolt is, but we aren’t going to talk about the outliers)

The problem is, just because you set a goal for yourself and write up a schedule to complete for an upcoming race doesn’t mean you will follow that plan. We all want to be better (or at least the vast majority of us do), but we need some motivation and inspiration to keep us on our path towards success.

The following are my tips for staying motivated:

1. Make a vision board: gather up old magazines from around your house or pick up a few from the store that spark your interest and cut out words and pictures to glue on your vision board. Select clippings that motivate you and entice you to led a better life for yourself. You can even glue pictures of your role models or race banners to your vision board…the possibilities are endless! After making your vision board, post it somewhere you can view daily, such as your bedroom.


2. Pick up a yearly planner from your local office supply store or Target. At the beginning of each month there is usually an empty page to jot down some notes, so I write monthly goals for myself. Big or small, write any goals you have for yourself. Then on the daily calendar section I write down my workout for the day, how I felt, anything exciting that happened, and sometimes future workouts. I started a workout/goal journal at the start of 2013, and I’m loving it! It is also a great way to keep track of my weekly mileage.


3. Post colored sticky notes on the back of your door, on your ceiling, or on your bathroom mirror with your goals and things you need to work on. I like putting them on the back of my door because I’m usually the only person who is in my room with the door closed, so the sticky notes are private. If you achieve a goal posted, take the note off and post a new goal for yourself. It’s really motivating to see these notes everyday before I workout because I always have something to work towards.


4. Read a motivational running book (or any sports book). There are many great running books out there; just look in the running/sports section at your local bookstore or online, and you will find many inspiring options.

IMG_1906   IMG_1904

You can also watch inspirational movies…those are my favorite!

1997-prefontaine-poster2    Soul-Surfer-PHOTO_13325106_190205_30776885_ap   rb_movieposter_lrg

5. Put your racing bibs on your wall or somewhere you can see them! Seeing the bibs on a daily basis reminds me of all the great races I’ve had and drives me to run even better in my next race.

IMG_1915       IMG_1916

6. Post anything else on your walls, on your car, on your water bottle, or on your computer screen that motivates you to become faster. Passing boys motivates me because I run with the boys at my school at practice and push myself to stay with or beat them. Any motivating quotes, posters, or pictures help keep me on track.


7. Follow blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter accounts, and any other websites that inspire and motivate you to be your best.


8. Make yourself a workout playlist that pumps you up. You can either listen to it while you workout or before you go. (Also, change up your music after you get sick of it)


9. Find a workout buddy or group! I run and workout SO MUCH BETTER when I have people to work hard with. I feed off other peoples’ energy and push myself harder when they are sweating alongside me.


10. Stay consistent and work hard, and you will stay motivated! When I see results and improvements in my fitness, I’m so motivated I almost do too much! Just make sure you don’t overtrain and fuel yourself well throughout the day (:


I hope you enjoyed my motivation post…

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Go out there and crush those goals of yours!